Who am I

Hi! I’m Rick La Roche. Thanks for stopping by. So who am I? I’m a former UDT/SEAL (frogman from Class 39 E), world traveler, waiter, pilot, bartender, beach attendant, NOAA diver, jet-ski guide, personal trainer, university lecturer, manager of several companies in the U.S. and Sweden, bouncer, U.S. Foreign Service Officer (diplomat), treaty observer in Israel and Egypt, all-around “flow junkie,” and seeker. I’m a member of the Swedish over-65 national gaming team – the Silver Snipers. I was also a participant in the Swedish version of the “Survivor” reality TV show (Robinson) at the tender age of 70 and the Swedish version of “Alone” at 73. I’m always looking for a way to push myself, improve, and learn more. And I’m always looking for an adventure and a challenge.